3 popular mobile games at the moment

Mobile phone gaming seems to be here to stay as more and more people are spending time playing games on their handsets. Here we are looking at three of the most popular mobile phone games at the moment:

1. Candy Crush Saga

This highly addictive candy swapping game is simple to learn, the app talks you through the first few levels with hints and tips. As the game moves on the levels become progressively more difficult and new features are introduced. The game itself is free but there is the option for in app purchases.

2. Crossy Road

This simple chicken crossing the road game is similar to the retro arcade game Frogger in style. The cool, block style graphics and ability to unlock different animals make it fun and engaging. The aim of the game is to get across lanes of traffic without being hit or caught by eagles.

3. Flow Free

Flow Free is a simple puzzle game where you use “pipes” to connect matching colours, however some care needs to be taken as the pipes will break if they overlap or cross over. More than 1,000 levels are available in the version, and the game can be played either in a relaxed style or in the hectic time-trial mode that involves racing against the clock.