Best Games For Playstation Portable

The Playstation Portable (PSP) is just over ten years old now. With an extensive library of games available, here are some of the best.

Action Games

For pure action, the two God of War releases are hard to beat, boasting some of the best graphics on the PSP. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is highly rated by Gamespot for its game play and content. If you like sandbox games, there are also two releases in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Driving Games

Gran Turismo retains first place as one of the best racing games around, with excellent graphics and a vast array of cars and tracks to choose from. Runners-up include Burnout Legends and Need For Speed Carbon: Own The City.

Fighting Games

Rated 9.2 by Gamespot, Tekken: Dark Resurrection offers in-depth combat and a large array of selectable warriors. Then there is The Red Star, a tough shooter/fighting game with a classic arcade feel to it.

Role-playing Games

According to IGN, Jeanne D’Arc is a “must-have” strategy RPG, while the Monster Hunter games are considered to be essential action RPGs for the PSP. The classic Final Fantasy series has both 2D and 3D releases on the handheld console.

Japanese Games

There are many games that, while entirely or partly in Japanese, are worth seeking out. The Gundam Battle series has some of the best mecha games and can be played with minimal knowledge of Japanese. Others include ports of Playstation 2 games like the Tenchu series and Earth Defense Force 2. Despite frame rate and graphical issues, the latter is pure giant-bug-blasting fun and a bestseller in Japan.